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The correct price of the wine in the press houses

Written by  Corcova

The discussions and comments of the last days oblige us to bring some explanations regarding the correct price of the wines in the press house, at the distributors and at the retailers. We were surprised by the article of Mr Ceafalau, The wine producers "faults" their distributors, published on the 16th of August, 2011, by - that's why, for a better understanding  of the public about what is a correct price, we consider that some clarifications are needed.

Before analysing in detail this question, we will inspect a little bit the way it was presented. In the mentioned article there are some heavy words addressed to the local wine producers, it is said about disloyal practices, about lack of trust or transparency, and Mr Avram make some serious and insulting accusations of lack of proffessionalism, treating the local producers as ignorant and with mean intentions. I wonder how should I take the fact that we were "inquired" by Mr Avram and publication, represented by Mr Ceafalau. I try to understand why Mr Avram had to disguise  himself in a mystery shopper to find out something I have could tell him in the most natural way. I try to understand which is the aim of this article, since I was never invited by Mr Avram and Mr Ceafalau to a discussion about a supposed mistake in the price policy of my company. Because I don't remember a refusal of any dialogue, I don't believe I am a hardly approachable person and I always was open to the suggestions made by my partners. Meanwhile I have to admit: the word "inquire" turns me mad... In a country where being an entrepreneur is quite a calvary, where we are permanently controlled by ANAF, Garda Financiara, Garda de Mediu, ISCTV, ONVPV, ITM, DSV, DSP, ISU, ISC, AR, CC, Vama, Politie Antidrog, Antifrauda, etc., this is the last thing we needed: to be "inquired" by the Good Point shop from Iasi, through Mr Avram, and then to be criticized by
Passing to the deep sense of the subject, I start by qualifying the declarations of Mr Avram as a false problem. We sell the wine in the press house with the list price, but I notify to Mr Avram that we are separated by 655 km, on the shortest route... On national roads, without highway. The low sales of its shop cannot charged to the mentioned price difference. And the same is about the other producers mentioned in the article, who are also at hundreds of kilometers from Good Point shop from Iasi. The competition of Mr Avram could be at few streets from him or in the city of Iasi, let's say - so, he should point to his competition, not to us.
Secondly, I consider that the consumer who make this effort to come to our press house to visit us have the right to the producer price. And I have to contradict Mr Avram regarding the price policy of the press houses from abroad, because in every case I know the wine is sold in the press house with the producer's price. I have to say also that this is something natural for every consumer, and there is nothing scandalous about the fact that, if he would buy the wine in his own city, he would pay more for it. It would be not normal that we sell, in Iasi, for example, with the producer's price. And I ensure Mr Avram that this will never happen! These days, we work on the development of an online shop, where the prices of the Corcova wines will be at least 20% higher than the distribution price, and they will correspond to the average price from the specialized shops we collaborate with. And we thought about this much more before a so called "inquiry" None of these things was a secret, and Mr Avram have could find out if he have would ask.
I finish by expressing my regrets that we have to communicate this way and that we hadn't this discussion in a normal meeting between producers, distributors and retailers. Not only "the consumer loses", but everybody loses from such a dispute. And, again, I am sorry that one of the few Romanian wine publications turns to a commercial and cheap cancan style of writing. (Serban Damboviceanu)

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