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Written by  Corcova

This Corcova wine, produced in the Jirovel Farm, a 100% Chardonnay wine, is the best pairing for the openings and appetizers, but also fish and seafood. Serving it at 10-12 degrees Celsius is the best way to put in evidence its special qualities, its content of residual sugar, less than 2 grams in a liter, and its 13.5% alcohol content. The wine has received these qualities by a direct pressing of the grapes, followed by a fermentation at a controlled temperature and a short maturation in stainless steel tanks with yeast.
The golden yellow with silvery reflections Chardonnay welcome us with a open fruity nose dominated by white fruits flavors, especially pear, with citric notes. The taste is fragrant, round and balanced, and the final sensation is long lasting and delicate. It can transform, for sure, a meal into a real pleasure

Recommended price: 32.50 lei.

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