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Feteasca Neagra reveals its personality. At Corcova

Written by  Corcova

Navigating through the agitated history of its origin land, the Feteasca Neagra wine enjoys today an increasing fame. This variety of grapes gives a moderate productivity, but the quality of the wines fully compensates this fact. The living proof of this is the new Feteasca Neagra wine launched by Corcova Roy & Damboviceanu. This local variety, which is the most appreciated by the specialists, has found here in Romania a climate and a soil which give it a new an remarkable aspect.

The first impact, the olfactive one, announces a flavored, but in the meanwhile very well shaped wine. By agitating it lightly, the specific gooseberry and blackberry notes receive even some spicy nuances. The taste is round and soft, with balanced tannins and with a long final note, very flavored.
Among the best pairings are also the maturated cheeses. Of course, the Feteasca Neagra from Corcova goes very well in a traditional meeting with a duck with cabbage meal or with a quince food, with or without meat.
The unique personality of this wine is the result of a successful superposition of the specific qualities of this variety on the map more and more structured of a superior class terroir: Corcova.

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