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The Easter wine, tradition and spirituality

Written by  Corcova

The wine, the beverage for spiritual delight, carrier of grace and health, is a key element in all important moments of our lives. For hundreds of years, this is the beverage which enrich the Romanian table on the important holidays. Noble, the wine has the most deep religious significations. Let's remember only the Last Supper and the Holy Sacrament, when the wine becomes the blood of Jesus Christ itself. On Easter, beside the painted eggs and the traditional meals, on the Christian table you can always find a good wine. Because even the most tasty and refined meal could not express its qualities if not paired to the fitted wine.  
So, enjoy the Holy Easter together with the beloved ones, with good meals and a good wine. Let the miracle of Christ Resurrection bring you warmth, peace and harmony in your soul. Jesus Christ is resurrected! (Photos: Stock.XCHNG)

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