Friday, 25 November 2011 20:50

The Pinot Noir Dealul Racoveanu

Written by  Corcova

Expressive and very pleasant, dark ruby, the Pinot Noir Dealul Racoveanu wine, obtained 100% from Pinot Noir, pairs very well with red meats, cheese and spicy meals. This wine was obtained through maceration-fermentation at a controlled temperature, followed by a 12 months maturation in French oak barrels. With 13.7% alcohol, the Pinot Noir Dealul Racoveanu distinguishes by its fruity (mainly pomegranate) and spices notes. The wine is complex and rich, having melt tannins. The wood is discreet, with a light vanilla note. The optimal temperature is about 17 - 18 degrees Celsius. It is recommended that the bottle is opened with a half an hour before drinking this wine. 

Recommended price: 79 lei.

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