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The springtime begins with... a good wine

Written by  Corcova

Between the 11th and the 13th of March, World Trade Center - Hotel Pullman hosted the fifth edition of the GoodWine International Wine Fair. For more than 3,500 visitors, the event was a special occasion to meet the best Romanian wines and a selection of the most appreciated wines from abroad. The Corcova wines also participated to the Bucharest GoodWine International Wine Fair.

35 wine producers, importers, distributors and companies from connected industries answered to the invitation launched by the organizers of this event, one of the few in our country which permits a symbiosis between wines, culinary products, connected products and accessories. The visitors had a direct visual, olfactory and gustation contact with a big number of wine varieties, from the 350 varieties presented here, from Romania, France, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Chile, Australia, argentina, USA and Moldova.
A true international fair, GoodWine was honored by the participation of the representatives of the Romanian Sommeliers Association and of the Romanian Sommeliers Federation. Having professional interventions during the gastronomic shows, the sommeliers facilitated the symbiosis between wines and culinary products prepared by master cooks from 10 restaurants and cook schools. The premium tasting glasses from Riedel made possible that the wines of the exhibitors could be appreciated at the highest level.
Ve invite you to join the Corcova wines also at the next edition of the GoodWine International Wine Fair, which will be held in November.

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