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An art experiment for the five senses

Written by  Corcova

To simplify, we could say that on Friday, the 18 of February, at 7 P.M., at Atelierul 030202 (11, Sfanta Vineri Street, Bucharest), happened the vernissage (varnishing day) of PERCEPTIO exhibition. But it was not an usual vernissage, because this is not an usual exhibition. PERCEPTIO means an unique experiment, and the Corcova wines could not miss such an event. It started from a quite unusual perfume, BOSQUE by HUMIECKI & GRAEF. Christophe Laudamiel created this unique perfume in order to evoque the sensuality and the intimacy of a couple. This is an unisex perfume, seasoned with a series of sensual ingredients, which evoque the scent of warm skin. The boutique of niche perfumes, Createur 5 D’Emotions, and Iconique Class Studio have chosen this special perfume for the launching of an unique experiment in Europe. An experiment which combines olfaction and visual sense in a common universe. An exceptional project sustained by Serban Damboviceanu as sponsor, where the Corcova wines represented the delight of the vernissage.

As Ioana Mitu, the art curator of the exhibition, said, Perceptio is not only an artistic experiment, but also a psychological one, because brings the people who interact with it in an introspection area. And as the Art Angel Camelia Sucu said, the Perceptio project is something new for every people involved, also for Humiecki & Graef house, and it will help us to promote the Romanian talent to international prestigious events of the niche perfumery world. The Perceptio project is a combination between art and lifestyle, an intention to experiment the art through all our five senses. Camelia Sucu, the creator of the concept Iconique Class Studio and founder of Class Living, said: I believe in Romanian art and in the creative ressources of Romanian artists. I have chosen to listen to my instincts and to invest in what I consider is valuable, so I have sustained a series of artistic projects, from graphics to painting, from dance to other visual arts. These are sentiments and principles which animated also Serban Damboviceanu, who succeeded to revive the old tradition of Corcova wines, from the point of view of the local natural beauty and of the quality of these wines, but also from the point of view of the involvement in sustaining cultural projects. So, his involvement in such a project came naturally - he brought next to an exceptional perfume the sensual richness of these wines, a perfect choice for obtaining a true symphony of the senses.
As Alexandra Paven, the founder of Createur 5 D’Emotions, declared, painters, sculptors, photographers, media artists accepted our challenge to work to source of inspiration which is common and new for them. They spent enough time with Bosque perfume and they discovered in its flavors something they have on their own: abstract or figurative concepts, passions, melancholia, magical lands, nights in the desert, trees of life or even the life of a star.
But what is actually the Perceptio project? This art experiment for the five senses, created by Createur 5 D’Emotions and Iconique Class Studio, represented a challenge for 15 Romanian known artists: Aurel Cogealac, Aurel Tar, Bogdan Chiritoiu, Cornel Lazia, Dan Mircea Cipariu, Florin Tomescu, Francisc Chiuariu, Irina Tanase, Irinel Moldoveanu, Lucian Muntean, Mihai Zgondoiu, Mirela Traistaru, Nicolas Veron, Simona Antoniu, Valeriu Mladin. These painting, photography, sculpture, object and even poetry creators received in a non-labelled bottle a perfume which represented the muse for the art works dedicated to this exhibition. The event, highly appreciated, represented a true success. And it couldn't be otherwise when the arts joined in order to create a symphony of values.

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