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Corcova, bridge over time

Written by  Corcova

At the beginning of the 20th century, in the era of flourishing French - Romanian relationship, the Corcova wines delighted the Romanian elite and conquered the refined public of the Paris premium locals. We can say that the Corcova wines had their contribution to the consolidation of the cultural and affective links between Romania and France. It is known that they were sent to Paris with the famous Orient Express train, and that they were mentioned in the letters of Marcel Proust.

Recently we received a new and unexpected evidence of the fame Corcova had in France, from a passionate antiquarian, Mr Constantin Prisecaru. It is a postcard printed in 1910 in France, with an image from Corcova. What is interesting about this postcard is the fact that it was launched in the epoch when Romania was generally evoked in the French publishers postcards by the Royal Family, the Romanian traditional costumes or sceneries from the countryside life. The postcards with topographic subject are much more rare. This postcard was sold both in France and Romania, and it was sent in September, 1910, from Strehaia to Paris, being charged with a 10 bani postage stamp marked with the King Carol I effigy. A very valuable document, testimony of the links between Corcova and France.

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