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A Glass Of Wine For Our Health

Written by  Corcova

It is known that, especially when it pairs to a healthy diet, for example a Mediterranean one, a glass of wine is good for our health. French people even apply this "method" of the glass of wine to each meal, in order to help the digestion and to keep their good form. Of course, for this you need a natural and quality wine, not too strong, and to drink it with moderation. But what means moderation? Around 150 ml daily for women and 300 ml daily for men. And the secret is to consume the wine on a daily basis, in small amounts, and not to drink a lot, from time to time.
Among wines, the red one could be considered the healthiest. In the first place, it contains less sulphites – it there are too many, the color of the wine is damaged. And if the red wine is dry, it is even more healthier, because sweet wine is hard to process by the liver, because of the added sugar.
The wine is food, medicine, but meanwhile a "cultural" ingredient, being present to all important social events of the human communities, in all historical moments. And for the Christian Easter, the red wine is like a sign, like an emblem, together with painted eggs and pound cake.
In the Profu’ Menci TV show on Antena 2 channel, the 6th of May, Cecilia Caragea has discussed about the advantages of the wine for our health and about the quality wines from Corcova, too.
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