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The story of Corcova

Written by  Corcova

Once upon a time, the Corcova land belonged to the Prince Anton Bibescu, and the wines produced from the vineyards of Mehedinti were bottled and sent to Paris, where they were the delight of the elites. After decades, the Corcova vineyards are revived by Serban Damboviceanu, who has learnt the deepest secrets of the wine culture during his studies in Strasbourg, in one of the most important wine regions of France, Alsace. Yu can find out more about Corcova and about the pleasure of tasting a good wine by watching this new part of the Dincolo de aparente TV show from Antena 2 channel, where Serban Damboviceanu was the guest of Florentina Fantanaru.
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