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Corcova, wines with a history perfume

Written by  Corcova

It is said that who loves wine loves life... Sign of civilization in the Ancient Greek, noble beverage and symbol of the Medieval aristocracy, the wine story goes together with the humanity history. Today, the wine is available for everybody, being gifted with a noble simplicity. A better understanding of the wine helps us to understand it and to fully enjoy its special virtues, but also to chose, from the large variety panel, the wines which are most fitted to our taste.
Here, at Corcova, we try to offer you wines with the so appreciated goût du terroir, expression of the harmony of the combination of soil, microclimate and human intervention. Obtained in the good tradition of the French vinification, inherited from the times when the administrator of the Mehedinti vineyard was Aristotel Sauget, a French wine specialist recommended to Prince Anton Bibescu by the great Romanian diplomat Nicolae Titulescu, sent to Paris with the famous Orient Express train, mentioned by Marcel Proust in his letters, we could say about the Corcova wines that they had their contribution to the consolidation of cultural and affective links between Romania and France.
We invite you to listen the Intalniri capitale radio show, on Bucuresti FM radio station, where Ioana Brusten, the editor, had Serban Damboviceanu as guest, the person who revived the Corcova values. A passionate discussion about wine, before the winter holidays, when a good wine, chosen with the soul, could be a wonderful surprise for the beloved ones.

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