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Corcova Wines, Cultivated Delights

Corcova is (already, or, better said, again) an European brand, but meanwhile we could say without fear of mistake that it is a true national emblem. Corcova is representing abroad our country and the tradition of making quality wines on these lands. Because we have a long tradition of cultivating vineyards, which goes back in history to the Dacs. And the existence of the Corcova vineyards, near the Motru Mountains, is testified by official documents from the 16th century.
You can find the story of Corcova wines, the story of the revival of the famous local vineyard in the 2000 years, also a short presentation of the types of wines produced under the brands Corcova and Jirov in the latest issue of Business Woman Magazine, inside The Story of a Brand column.

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