In its Sunday, 28th of July edition, the Income Magazine show, transmitted by Antena 3, there were also a discussion about the acces of European agriculture funds, illustrated with a report filmed at the Corcova vineyard and with a short interview with Mr Serban Damboviceanu. The reintroduction of Corcova vineyards in the Romanian wine circuit, the total investment was about 4 millions of euros, from which 1 million of euros were European funds used for projects like replanting the grapes or modernizing the press houses. Beside bureaucracy, all these efforts were worthwhile and they are now rewarded by the new success of Corcova wines.
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Friday, 20 July 2012 18:18

Each wine has its fitted glass

Differently from drinking some more "simple" beverages, in the wines tasting are important not only the grape varieties, the region and the way they were produced, but also other things, like the goblets from which we drink that noble beverages.

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Monday, 02 July 2012 16:27

Choosing the right wine

Choosing the wine represents a quite difficult mission and of a great responsibility because the success of a festive dinner depends on it. First of all we should know that the price is not a wine quality guarantee. Of course, nor the bottle and the label aspect. It is not enough, nevertheless it is requested that we know first of all the meaning of the data written on the label. By the law, this should have the name of the producer, of the company which bottled the wine, of the importer (if this is the case), the commercial brand, the variety, the year of harvest, the geographical indication, the type of vinification, the alcohol percentage and the quality category. We have to know that, for be taken in consideration, the wine should have a DOC, a controlled origin denomination.

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